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Ada Pops

A unique 10,000 #CNFT collection minted on the #Cardano blockchain. Drop: 2nd of December 2021 at 1:00am (UTC)


Season 2 December 2nd 2021 - 18 $ADA

Price: 18₳

Mini Ninja Heroes

300 Mini Ninja Heroes for 10 ADA each! Building a mobile game powered by your Mini Ninja Heroes and zAmbiez! We are partnered with the zAmbiez project for the drop […]

Price: 10₳

Ash & Tray CNFT comic. Season 1

Monthly stories about two despicable dudes and their ordinary lives. CNFT comic strip and exclusive crypto collectibles in the Cardano blockchain. Ash and Tray are two mediocre guys in their […]

Confused Pirates Society

Can you find your treasured pieces of eight? 8,888 unique, high quality Confused Pirate Society NFTs will be launched on 2nd December 2021 at 21:00UTC. Save them from Davy Jones' […]