Carda Station Vehicles

January 1st

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
12:00 am
Time (UTC) 12:00 am
Price TBD
Supply TBD

Carda Station is a moon-based metaverse where players can experience what life on the moon would be like, as well as enjoy some truly unique, low gravity experiences. With the New Vehicle Mint, you can choose between 3 vehicles to mint: 1. The Tracker: A sturdy long-distance bike perfect for long journeys and exploring the moon 2. The Bison: A multi-person beast ready to tackle the harshest lunar terrain. Up to 4 players can fit into this juggernaut 3. The Pegasus: A speed bike primed to challenge the best on the race tracks. Mint your vehicle and come use them in our live metaverse!

Mint Price: TBD

Supply: 2,000