Good Droids

February 5th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
5:00 pm
100₳ 2122
Time (UTC) 5:00 pm
Price 100₳
Supply 2122

Good Droids is an exclusive 3D generative project that serves as your portal to the world of Web3. A fully customizable discord experience tailored to help noobs and pros alike explore the cryptocurrency landscape. Over 500 bots delivering real-time AI signals, news, social trackers, token analytics, and every aspect of NFTs across multiple chains. Holders can highlight noteworthy calls to the rest of the community on the alpha board and dissect the information in our built-in terminal with premium commands. Exclusive access to upcoming CNFT projects and airdrops for all future Good Droid endeavors.

Mint Price: 100 ADA

Supply: 2122