Keyboard Warriors Internet Cafe (WL Drop)

November 25th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
7:00 pm
55₳ 8888
Time (UTC) 7:00 pm
Price 55₳
Supply 8888


About KWIC

1. The Keyboard Warriors which are the OG collection of 8,888 nfts drawn by commercial street artist JESWRI who has over 26k followers on instagram and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like adidas, converse, Sony and much more! These nfts will be your entry point into our club houses aka the Internet Cafes!

2. The Internet Cafes are the ultimate hang out spots in the metaverse we are building multiple Internet Cafes in multiple metaverses these will be massive “club houses” where our holders can come to and do heaps of cool stuff such as network, play games, shop, go to our art galleries and so much more!

-Doxxed team

Mint price: 55 ADA

Supply: 8,888