Klumsy Koalas

January 1st

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
12:00 am
Time (UTC) 12:00 am
Price TBD
Supply TBD

Klumsy Koalas is the first ICP-ADA cross-chain collection featuring 1000 ICKoalas on the ICP blockchain, and 1000 3D Koalas on the Cardano blockchain, that have taken over the world. Each collection offers unique utilities, such as staking, access to exclusive NFT giveaways from a Treasury Vault, and more. 3D Koalas will be launching this August 15.

Society can often be strict and stressful for klumsy kreatures like koalas.
At the Klumsy Koalas, koalas can be as klumsy and chill as they want to be, in a space and kommunity that’s open for all.

Here, one can let go of their troubles and take time off from life’s pressures, and aktually relish in being klumsy (as koalas are meant to be).

Living life kalm, chill, and karefree; that is what the Klumsy Koalas are all about.

Mint Price: 60 ADA

Supply: 1000