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Space Otter Society (WL event)

August 23 @ 12:00 pm UTC

Price: ₳65

Welcome to the Otterverse! Space Otter Society is the interactive adventure of 3750 Otters leaving their war-torn planet in search of a new home – as far away as possible from the horrors of the nuclear war that they faced on Earth.

Led by the fearless Captain Otter Attari, head of the Space program, the Otters will voyage into the great unknown of Otter Space in order to survive.

Space Otter Society, at its core, is an art-based project with intent to produce the best animated NFTs on the Cardano blockchain while providing as much value as possible to holders.

Utility includes innovative staking, $SHELLS token, earning NFTs, Professions, Missions, Council Formation, and more!

Mint Price: 65 ADA

Supply: 3750