Zesty Zebras (Zesty Pass)

January 26th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
6:15 pm
89₳ 250
Time (UTC) 6:15 pm
Price 89₳
Supply 250

The Pass of the Zestiest Zebras: Supply Only 250

This Pass will bring “NEVER ENDING” Utility in the ways with Royalties, Air Drops, Giveaways, and Future Zebra Creations!

-Doxxed Team plus Road Map details in our Discord
-The Zebras will drop later next month along with our website
-We will Focus on Marketing, Collabs, and giving back to the community
-Stacking community wallet, Merch, and several forms of Staking
-Launching our token and a Zpecial Zurprise!
-Plus SO MUCH MORE you Don’t want to miss

Mint Price: 89 ADA

Supply: 250