We've got a long-term vision for the CNFT Space, we've been a project since Early 2021 & we've got a full roadmap & whitepaper that you can read, we've got […]

Weird Champions

Weird Champions is a hand-drawn CNFT project set in the heroic fantasy universe. Our first collection will start with one of the most iconic races in this universe, the Trolls! […]


Blurry Kits Lounge V.I.K Pass

WHAT IS THE V.I.K. Pass ? V.I.K. Pass = V(ery) I(mportant) K(its) Pass That milestone will mark the very first step of our journey. As a V.I.K. Pass holder you […]


Cardano Casino

Cardano Casino is a CNFT collection that is aiming to bring utility and passive income to the community while giving the members an exciting and memorable time in metaverse! Mint […]