Old Money

Who will become the next leader of Yew Nork and bring prosperity to Mfers around the world? The choice is yours to make, that is, if you give a FUCK. Mint Price: 120 ADA Supply: N/A

Price: 120₳


Just some COW. Mint Price: 11 ADA Supply: 500

HAND Collection – The Auctions

HAND Collection is the second series that will be launched on Cardano by the artist Jordi Leitão. With inspiration from many sources, this is a very diverse non-generated art series, where each piece was individually and digitally sculpted, to form a small but very unique collection! The Collection includes Collaboration paintings done by some incredible […]

Price: ₳100

SneakerHead Club

A project that aims to bridge web 3 and hype beast fashion. Each NFT holder will have real life benefits! Mint Price: 55 ADA Supply: 5,555

Price: ₳55


Octopussi is a 2222 half-cat, half-octopus creature that is ready to be adopted with the hope of finding their new loving homes. Mint Price: 11 ADA Supply: 2,222

Price: ₳11