Polymusic is a project that allows users to listen to, discover and support artists around the world collecting limited edition nfts of tracks that will give them access to the […]

Price: ₳70

Firebird Genesis Drop

A collection of 3333 musical stems. Genesis tokens for Firebird Media: An open source, decentralized protocol for tracking and protecting your creations, derivatives, royalties and licensing on chain. Inspired by […]

Price: ₳89

Cardano Doodle Pfp

The collection of colorful line-drawn characters that will ranks high on the list of PFP (profile-picture) collections in terms of both popularity and sales volume. Mint Price: 15 ADA Supply: […]

Price: ₳15

The 500

Rise up, Save Jon-ROh Mint Price: 99 ADA Supply: 500

Price: ₳99