ADA Inmates (WL Drop)

February 9th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
11:00 am
130₳ 5000
Time (UTC) 11:00 am
Price 130₳
Supply 5000

Who are ADA Inmates ?

Ada Inmates are members of a Prison Ecosystem on the Cardano Blockchain.

We plan to take our Inmates to a virtual prison Ecosystem creating prisons inside some of Cardano’s biggest metaverse projects. We plan to Create virtual Cells and further down the line a Supermax Prison Island.

This Ecosystem will have its own exclusive Marketplace and staking platform.
The real world Topics we plan to cover along our Journey are all Hidden throughout our Lore. We also intend to work on some of these subjects in the real world.

Can our Inmates be rehabilitated or will they be destined for death row??? #OnlyTimeWillTell

Mint Price: 130 ADA

Supply: 5000