Battle Alliance

December 22nd

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
10:00 pm
29₳ 2212
Time (UTC) 10:00 pm
Price 29₳
Supply 2212

Battle Alliance is an NFT alliance on the Cardano blockchain established by the BattleCats team. Battle Alliance develops an action P2E, turn-based multiplayer strategy game with NFT implementation and in-game token distribution in partnership with Revuto. All NFTs are unique, hand drawn and digitally colored. BattleApes now join BattleCats, BattleDogs and LastGuardian NFTs. Mint price is 14.5 ADA if you hold any BattleAlliance NFT (BattleCats, BattleDogs, LastGuardian)

Mint Price: 29 ADA

Supply: 2212