February 3rd

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
10:00 pm
150₳ 5555
Time (UTC) 10:00 pm
Price 150₳
Supply 5555

Cardanaires – 5555 piece collection of hand-drawn CNFTs that lionize the visionaries and inspirations behind the Cardano blockchain. Because we are lovers of the enlightenment age and Cardano we call ourselves the Cardanaires. Being envisioned out of a love for all things Cardano, our Cardanaires honor the visionaries that form the foundations of the Cardano Network itself. This series has been designed by Japanese bohemian artist @_Kwrtz_ in association with Tangent Protocol, an #NFTFi protocol that is building an ecosystem that brings financial utility to CNFT Projects. Each Cardanaire NFT entitles the holder to: 1. TANG governance token airdrop 2. WL to next CNFT drop (Modern Day Cardanaires) 3. Membership in the TangentDAO 4. Staking powers in the Tangent NFT Farm (check out 5. Utility in the Tanglobe Card Game Each is priced at 150 ADA. Affordable to all. Gold, Silver & Bronze Editions to collect. Each NFT will have varying staking powers within the Tangent NFT Farm and an airdrop on a key date during each year to the first purchaser. Get yours now! As well as membership in the TangentDAO which will control 40% of all funds raised in the NFT sale.

Mint Price: 150 ADA

Supply: 5555