Cardano Carnival – Coconut Shy

December 17th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
9:00 pm
35₳ 1000
Time (UTC) 9:00 pm
Price 35₳
Supply 1000

The Cardano Carnival is back in town for Season 2! We’re bringing the carnival games to you in this season. 1000 Mint to Play NFT’s will be available. The game is simple! each NFT you mint will be 1x go on the Coconut Shy. We’ve got 200 prizes up for grabs for the winning NFT’s, including some high value NFT’s from your favourite Cardano NFT Bluechips, as well as cash prizes and other tokens from the projects we’re collaborating with. But that’s not all carnies! After the main event and prize claim process, we will be holding bonus prize raffles for the NFT’s that didn’t strike it lucky, not to mention a jam packed roadmap full of cool utility that we plan to implement in the coming year.

Mint Price: 35 ADA

Supply: 1,000