February 16th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
9:00 pm
8₳ 5000
Time (UTC) 9:00 pm
Price 8₳
Supply 5000

Chompers is a collection of Pixel Apes chomping around on the Cardano blockchain.

Over the last few months we had started to feel the NFT space was missing some of the magic that it had when we first entered as consumers. We made it our goal to provide something to the space that would entertain people and offer value for those interested in our NFTs. So our Alpha game project was born.

We’ve developed a fun casual platform game in which you can play as one of 4 main characters. The game has a leader board of top players who chomped the most bananas. Every 30 days these top players are rewarded with an amount of ADA/NFT held, and then the leader board resets.

Where are the ADA rewards coming from?

Chompers NFTs have a 13% royalty fee for all sales made on secondary marketplaces, 90% of all royalties will go directly back to players of our game (provided you have a Chompers NFT in your wallet)! At first the top 100 players will receive ADA rewards for their high-scores. After wallet integration we will expand this to the top 500 high-scores.

Mint Price: 8 ADA

Supply: 5000