Chronos NFT

May 28th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
10:00 am
120₳ 10950
Time (UTC) 10:00 am
Price 120₳
Supply 10950

Chronos NFT is a super unique and astounding project on Cardano to shape and sustain your digital identity in the crypto space. By making entries on the blockchain you can mint a special and real long-time value-generating NFT collection and get the highest visibility on a hyper-frequented Web3 platform. You can attach NFTs from your wallet, social links, and more to your profile. You can present your NFTs on our interactive timeline, where you can see historic events alongside user-created events. Our platform offers a unique way to build and showcase your digital identity while exploring and interacting within the community in a new way. Become immortal on the chain, get the attention you deserve, and guide the audience into your crypto universe. How it exactly works and why you can receive a portion of the project income, you can find out on our website and whitepaper on

Mint Price: 120 ADA

Supply: 10950