February 23rd

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
6:00 pm
23₳ 10000
Time (UTC) 6:00 pm
Price 23₳
Supply 10000

CryptoBike is a collection of 10,000 digital art pieces, curated by a bicycle mechanic with an aim to combine elements from Californian and Scandinavian cultures together on the Cardano blockchain. Sharing a love of bicycles while simultaneously delivering accessible, high-quality art has always been the primary goal.

All development, marketing, and art has been done in-house by Copenhagen’s biggest one-man-team! With no external overhead, I was able to set a low mint price in the hopes of giving more people an opportunity for entry. I think our ecosystem is ready for change – and I’ll do what I can to help create a more positive environment, working against gate-keeping, favoritism, and seclusion.

Let’s link this chain together!

Mint Price: 23 ADA

Supply: 10000