Dank Bits by Danketsu

March 8th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
4:00 pm
8₳ TBD
Time (UTC) 4:00 pm
Price 8₳
Supply TBD

Dank Bits are a set of 8-bit collectibles celebrating the release of the $NINJAZ token, by Danketsu (Formerly known as ADA NinjaZ).

If you hold $NINJAZ, the cost for this unlimited mint is 20 $NINJAZ + 2 ADA

The world of Ninava and their Ninjaz has shifted. There is no longer any semblance of reality within this world. Ninjaz are now in a simulation, an 8-bit simulation. And they are having fun.

Mint Price: 8 ADA or 20 $NINJAZ + 2 ADA ADA

Supply: Unlimited