January 12th

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11:00 pm
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Time (UTC) 11:00 pm
Price 135₳
Supply 5555

Foxxed! goal is to create a brand focusing on perfecting the basic foundations of an NFT project, combining a clean and beautiful art with actual utilities within the Web 3. Which contributes to the adoption of the Web 3 space through our artistic and community collaborations. As the NFT landscape is fluid and uncertainty is always in the air, Foxxed! aims to build a “monthmap” instead of a “roadmap” with solid and achievable goals within the scenario that the team together with the community will propose, with weekly reports of what has been achieved and what remains to be built and, in this way, building utilities listening to the needs of our community. Read our Manifesto for more information :

Mint Price: 135 ADA

Supply: 5555