Jackstraw CNFT | WL Drop

February 18th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
9:00 am
60₳ 9000
Time (UTC) 9:00 am
Price 60₳
Supply 9000

Jackstraw, a new NFT project on the Cardano blockchain is slated for minting on February 18, 2023 at 1600 UTC for whitelisters and February 19 at 1600 UTC for the general public and is designed to introduce a fresh and exciting new offering to the NFT space. The project’s storyline takes us on a global journey that offers the creators and holders alike an opportunity to join forces and help bring Jackstraw to the masses to form a global community known as the Crow Republic. Jackstraw NFT is a fully doxxed project through Bearmarket.io, the #1 doxxing service on Cardano committed to providing the highest level of confidence in the authenticity of project founders. So, invest with confidence. Jackstraw comprises TBA unique generative art pieces, featuring a vast range of character traits and rarity. The artistic talent behind the projects’ versatile and feature-rich aesthetic is lead artist, Anthony Freda. As a world-renowned artist and original member of New York’s Lowbrow art movement, Freda brings a unique and artistically sophisticated viewpoint to the project that will set the stage for many NFT projects to come.

Mint Price: 60 ADA

Supply: 9000