January 25th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
7:00 pm
125₳ 1776
Time (UTC) 7:00 pm
Price 125₳
Supply 1776

Jetplane is a utility project building products to make it easier for web3 and NFT projects to take flight on Cardano. This is a fully refundable mint* T&Cs apply. Jetplane also offers exciting holder benefits and non-custodial staking options.

Here’s a snapshot of the utility you’ll have access to:

1 – ASSEMBLE – A solution that allows you to build complex NFT designs with ease.
2 – LAUNCH – A minting solution to build into your website
3 – PROMOTE – A platform that uniquely spotlights your project and helps you get exposure
4 – ANALYSIS – Gives unique insights for traders on the real value of NFTs based on more than just floor price

Mint Price: 125 ADA

Supply: 1776