Khaos Factions

May 25th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
7:00 pm
125₳ 5000
Time (UTC) 7:00 pm
Price 125₳
Supply 5000

Looking for a top-notch browser-based FPS game? Look no further than Khaos Factions, set in the thrilling Worlds Within Universe. This game is fully playable and boasts a wide array of in-game weapons and weapon accessories. Take your favorite ones and merge them into one powerful NFT to use in-game. With countless options for weapons, accessories, camos, and tracers, you can create a truly unique trading and gaming experience. Will you focus on creating the most dominant weapons to crush the competition, or craft a weapon that reflects your personal style? Keep in mind that certain accessories and camos offer in-game progression, unlocking additional perks that will be displayed on your weapons. Give it a try and witness the fun for yourself!

Mint Price: 125 ADA

Supply: 5000