Moon Inu – Moon Pass Collection

February 16th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
6:00 pm
50₳ 333
Time (UTC) 6:00 pm
Price 50₳
Supply 333

A community of Shiba Inu’s made it to Cardano for the first time and is taking A different approach to the pass systems currently on Cardano. The Moon Pass is a collection of 333 access cards which brings special benefits to its holders. This collection offers passive rewards to holders and will play a vital role in our ecosystem. Join the Inu’s in our quest for stability as we explore the metaverse. The moon pass collection will feature (3) Different Rarity Tiers. [Platinum, Gold, Deluxe] Each Tier has it’s own multipler for rewards on the staking platform.

Mint Price: 50 ADA

Supply: 333

JPG store URL: