The Plushhies

January 6th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
7:00 pm
70₳ 3333
Time (UTC) 7:00 pm
Price 70₳
Supply 3333

The Plushhies Inc. is a modern company for making plush toys, focused on entertaining and bringing joy to all people in the CNFT community. Started as an idea from a group of young and enthusiastic people, The Plushhies is now a growing and promising project.

The idea was clear – we wanted to make the cutest and most attractive plush toys in SoftCotton City and beyond. But to make it possible, we had to make our own brand and personality recognizable and easy to remember among everyone.

The best plush toys, made for everyone. The Plushhies are here to offer a plushie to literally everyone in the CNFT space – from baby to granny. Join us!

Mint Price: 70 ADA

Supply: 3333