Weird Champions

January 1st

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
12:00 am
Time (UTC) 12:00 am
Price TBD
Supply TBD

Weird Champions is a hand-drawn CNFT project set in the heroic fantasy universe.

Our first collection will start with one of the most iconic races in this universe, the Trolls!

Named Weird Trolls, this collection will include 5,888 unique hand-drawn CNFTs randomly generated on the Cardano Blockchain with over 160 features inspired by many pop culture references, from World of Warcraft to Back to the Future and more.

Also, 10 Weird Trolls signatures have been created, which are 1/1 NFTs.

We have big plans for the Weird Champions project, for the future we will create a C2E (Competitive to earn) and integrate metavers.

Mint Price: 62 ADA

Supply: 5888