Wildcat Rangers

December 17th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
6:00 pm
125₳ 3333
Time (UTC) 6:00 pm
Price 125₳
Supply 3333

Grab a Wildcat Ranger and unlock the full potential of the HashGuardians ecosystem! Rangers are the premier collection of hybrid NFTs in the HashGuardians Universe – high quality digital identities backed by a proven team developing for over18 months in the NFT space. Wildcat Rangers will feature exclusive art from World Mobile Token – their first NFT art ever. With a backstory weaving in and out of the HashGuardians gameplay and the ability to create Rangers specific content at a faster rate, Rangers will explore the full potential of NFT collections. Community engagement, social fun, rewards for holders, epic collaborations, and more – all backed by our unmatched level of utility. Join our community, become a Rangers, and own a cornerstone of the HashGuardians Universe!

Mint Price: 125 ADA

Supply: 3333