Zeitaku Dragonz

March 9th

Social Time (UTC) Countdown Price Supply
12:00 pm
TBD 4444
Time (UTC) 12:00 pm
Price TBD
Supply 4444

Zeitaku Dragonz is a collection of 4 444, 3D eggs that will hatch into new Dragonz.
The projects goal is to construct a sustainable, scaleable, and profitable ecosystem.

Our main objective is to generate multiple income streams for our holders, with the monthly profits from our forex arbitrage trading bot, which we’ve used for over 2 years personally. We’re also committed to building a strong and engaging web 3.0 brand, with the long-term vision of branching out into real-world businesses and use cases for our NFTs such as events, parties etc. Join the Dragonz Den to see see what riches lie within!

Mint Price: TBA

Supply: 4444